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Published: Nov. 25, 2014


Aiden Reid is a caffeine addicted workaholic. He needs a new secretary, and he needs one badly. When his cousin Alex decides to help, it only adds to Aiden’s frustration. Alex introduces him to Jo Winters, but she is no secretary – she’s a young, enigmatic novelist, and Alex persuades her to take the job. The secretive woman intrigues Aiden to no end, and he finds himself wishing to unravel all her secrets…


About the Author

Sam Ayers is twenty-one-year-old debut author and a recent graduate. Sam has been fascinated with short stories, which she wrote before turning to Fiction for fun.
Sam gets great pleasure from writing. The worlds she creates in her imagination come to life when she pens them down. At the end of the day, when she sees what she has written, she feels that she is discovering a lot about herself through her stories. She is addicted to words, and the only way to get her fix is to write. Sam read a lot of novels before she decided to sit down and take her laptop to create a magical land – truly from her own imagination.
Sam is currently working on the prequel of Her Charming Secret, HERE AND NOW is a young adult novel, a strong mix of humor and drama with a light romantic touch.


A tiny taste of what’s in store:

Frenetic. That was perhaps the easiest, if not the best, way to describe Aiden Reid’s life. After a long day at work, he was packing up to go home and rest. The phone on his desk started to ring just as he was about to leave.
Wondering who could be calling this late, he answered, “Aiden Reid.”
“Hi, Aiden,” his mother’s cheerful voice said from the other end. Aiden wondered why she had called him on the office number when she had his personal one.
“Hi, Mom, what’s up?”
“Aid, I just wanted to ask if you would like to join us for dinner. Your father wishes to speak with you,” she said.
Aiden could sense that she was tired from all the wedding shopping; after all, his sister was tying the knot. “Oh! He didn’t say a word to me when we met an hour ago, but I’ll be there. See you later, Momma.”
“À bientôt!” With that, she ended the call.
Aiden checked the time; it was 7:35PM. If his mental calculations were right, he would be home by 8:00PM. Just then, his cousin Alex walked in with a huge grin plastered on his face, banging the door to announce his arrival.
“Hi, Aido, let’s go! Time to party,” Alex called in excitement as he walked towards him.
“Shut up! Don’t you have any manners? At least knock on the door,” Aiden replied in a serious tone. “And don’t call me Aido.”
“Whatever . . . Aido! Listen, Matt called and asked if we wanted to join him and the guys; they’re going to that new nightclub downtown. Come on, dude, let’s go!”
Aiden shook his head as he picked up his stuff. “No can do, buddy. Mom called, I’m having dinner at their place. You go and have fun.” He smiled at the thought of Alex having fun and added, “And don’t call me if you get drunk.”
Alex was not just Aiden’s cousin; he was his best friend too, and Aiden was always the first person he called when he got into trouble. That included getting lost while exploring the town.
“You’re such a spoilsport. C’mon, Aido!” Alex called after him.
“No, Alex. I’m going home. I have work tomorrow.” Aiden sighed. “I need to find a new secretary too, Mrs. Ford resigned this morning.”
“Oh really? The witch left the lair, why ever so?! Did you not give her enough sweet children to feed on?” Alex laughed at his own joke. He had the weirdest sense of humor that could lighten the mood in seconds.
“She wasn’t that bad, Alex,” Aiden smiled. He knew one thing for sure; Alex didn’t like the poor lady so he just teased her all the time.
“Oh, you don’t know anything about her. I’ll make you a deal; you party with us tonight and I’ll find you a secretary tomorrow. What do you say?”
“Really, now? What are you gonna do? Hire a model to be my secretary and flirt with her all day?”
“Models aren’t that bad. Actually that’s a great idea!” Alex’s grin got bigger.
“I’m leaving now. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Aiden paused at the door to add, “My mobile is going to be switched off all night, so don’t bother calling me for help. Later!”
“You spoilsport!”
Aiden left Alex groaning and muttering at his back.


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Coming in 2015 – The Reids Series Prequel – HERE AND NOW


The Flash – Fan Theories (Spoilers)


Source: cannonlights on Tumblr

Barry Allen, the fastest man alive… Also the coolest superhero I’ve ever seen! I used to read Flash comics when I was a kid and recently started watching The Flash TV Series. My friend and I discuss the theories after watching each episode.
So the latest episode had so many reveals!
*Spoilers ahead*
Who is Harrison Wells?
Have you ever asked yourself this?
And did you get your answers in the latest episode ‘The Man in the Yellow Suit’?
I sure did! But why is he trying to protect Barry? To hurt him in the future? How did Reverse Flash hurt Wells? And how did Wells heal so fast (like Barry)?

My Theories:

Here are all the theories John and I came up with.

1. Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash.

2. Harrison Wells created the Reverse Flash. He controls Reverse.

3. Wells is actually Barry Allen from the future.

Now after watching the last few episodes I’m going to rule out #3. Barry Allen would never kill anyone! But Wells did! Maybe he did it before too? Nora Allen?
You’d be amazed, the monsters this world can create. What if Wells time-travelled back to the past, killed Nora Allen, created S.T.A.R. Labs and waited for years just to see Barry get his powers.

Source: theflashland on Tumblr

And here’s my latest theory:

What if Harrison Wells time-travelled from the future! He went back to the past and killed Nora Allen. Barry time-travelled too. That explains why there were two streaks – yellow and red. There were two speedsters that night. So who saved Barry that day? Barry himself – the one from the future! So why didn’t Barry save his mother?

When Henry Allen asked Kid Barry to run, the older Barry must have heard him, grabbed his younger self and took him out of the house. Far away. Reverse took this opportunity to kill Nora and leave. Where did he go? Back to the future? I don’t think so. He stayed back, started S.T.A.R. Labs and created the Particle Accelerator. And then he waited… Not only for Barry but also his younger self! So it’s possible that the Reverse we saw in the latest episode was Harrison Wells from the present. And the one in the wheelchair might be Wells from the future.

Source: theflashland on Tumblr

This man has the newspaper from the future! He could be Professor Zoom but in the comics Eobard Thawne is Zoom. Wait! Does that ring a bell? Thawne – Eddie Thawne? Detective. Joe’s partner. Yes! Eddie and Zoom could be related. Reverse attacked everyone but left Eddie alone. Why? Even Eddie asked that.

“Why did it not kill me?”

Source: theflashgifs on Tumblr

Source: theflashgifs on Tumblr

He’s scared! Poor Eddie!


Maybe Wells (Reverse) is Eddie’s descendant or a relative? And there’s no way he can risk harming Eddie.


Source: authorityalwayswins on Tumblr

Source: authorityalwayswins on Tumblr

 So what do you think? Is Harrison Wells the Reverse Flash?

Share your thoughts below in the comments!
Will be back with more later!
Header image credit – The CW

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