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Wattpad is a place to discover and share stories: a social platform that connects people through words. It is a community that spans borders, interests, languages. With Wattpad, anyone can read or write on any device: phone, tablet, or computer.

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Three years ago, I came across this wonderful community called Wattpad. For an avid reader like me, Wattpad was a treat! It wasn’t until November 2012  that I decided to write something. But when you are a rookie, you need to gain experience. A lot of experience. It took me 2 years to be confident enough to publish my first book. And just one month for my second book, which is being published this Spring.

So, what changed?

I did. When I slowly started getting lost in my writing, the world I discovered created a passion so strong that I felt I was meant to be a writer from the start.

Being a writer isn’t a hobby anymore, it’s my passion. My career. My life. And here I’ll give you a glimpse of how it started.

The following are the books I published on Wattpad. Fictions, Fan Fiction, a Joke Book and a Guide on promoting with a lot of HTML stuff in it, these are the books you can read free on Wattpad (click on the book cover to read the book):




Her Charming Secret is available on Amazon Paperback and most eReaders. For more details visit the official page.




Aiden Reid is a caffeine addicted workaholic. He needs a new secretary, and he needs one badly. When his cousin Alex decides to help, it only adds to Aiden’s frustration.

Alex introduces him to Jo Winters, but she is no secretary – she’s a young, enigmatic novelist, and Alex persuades her to take the job.

The secretive woman intrigues Aiden to no end, and he finds himself wishing to unravel all her secrets…


Purchase Links:

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Chasing Connor is a New Adult Romance. Publishing Spring 2015.

CC WPSynopsis:

Love is a friendship that has caught fire.

Connor Taylor was having a great life till his brother’s wedding invite arrived. He knew his brother didn’t want him there and there was no way he was going. But then comes the emotional drama and, he ends up in California.

Enter Harley Evans, the bride. Harley’s life clashes with Connor’s and boom – opposites attract. They make each other laugh. They make fun of each other. Their friendship blooms and love happens.

When these two worlds collide, Harley has to choose between the two brothers. Will she choose her fiancé or the guy whom she’s in love with head over heels?


Here and Now [The Reids Series Prequel]


You have met Alex, the player. Aiden, the perfectionist and Adele, the caring sister who held them in place. Let’s go back to the past and meet them once again.

Their lives were simple, happy and they were having a blast.

Enter reality.

In a flash, things spin out of control sliding downwards in a way the Reids haven’t faced before.

Love. Life. Responsibility. It’s all a part of growing up.

See how they survive and thrive after each hit they take and as they say: you only live once and this time they are going to do it right.



A new twist in the Vampire genre – Vampire Brat

Vampire Brat


Spoilt, rich and completely lazy Áed from the kingdom of Airleas had everything. He had a castle, a butler and lots of blood. Blood, you ask? Well obviously, seeing as he is a half vampire.

What happens when a lazy, vampire brat who hadn’t ever lifted a finger in his life is suddenly kicked out of his own home. He was banished to learn about responsibilities, but will he?

Read on to find out if he succeeds or gets stuck in a world not his own forever . . . in Aed’s story the Vampire Brat, not bat!




Whisperer – Short Story Collection [Wattpad Exclusive]




A collection of short stories ranging over the wide array of human emotions from happiness, sadness, anger, misery, jealousy, delight and pleasure.

Basically anything in the plethora of feelings people go through. These stories will also range over a wide range of genre from horror to romance to comedy.

Looking for a light read or maybe for a one shot? Well, this is the place to find them all.



Sherlock – The Case Files [Wattpad Exclusive]




Mysteries. Experiments, Cases, Serial murders. A man who lives and breathes for these things. Who looks only for the next thrill and not for any monetary gain.

Read about a self declared high functioning sociopath with a loyal friend. Follow them as the genius and his doctor solve cases that leave others befuddled.

Read on to follow their adventures in ‘Sherlock – The Case Files’.

A Sherlock Fan Fiction (Mystery / Thriller & Adventure)



How to promote a story and have fun on Wattpad (Guide)




A simple guide which includes basic HTML, that can be useful in the clubs (forum). Includes step by step, easily explained guidelines on promoting.








Laugh Out Loud! – The Joke Book


Laughter is the antidote to most of life’s miseries. Here’s a plethora of ridiculousness tied in a bundle of common sense to tickle your funny bones.

Jokes to tell family, jokes to share with your friends or jokes to read all by yourself to feel better. If you are looking for a book that makes you fall on the floor laughing – well you just found it.

→ Disclaimer: May contain non-universally understood sense of humor. ←

Copyright: Public Domain





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