Chasing Connor






Synopsis –
Love is a friendship that has caught fire.
Connor Taylor was having a great life till his brother’s wedding invite arrived. He knew his brother didn’t want him there and there was no way he was going. But then comes the emotional drama, and he ends up in California.
Enter Harley Evans, the bride. Harley’s life clashes with Connor’s and boom – opposites attract. They make each other laugh. They make fun of each other. Their friendship blooms and love happens.
When these two worlds collide, Harley has to choose between the two brothers. Will she choose her fiancé or the guy whom she’s in love with head over heels?


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4 thoughts on “Chasing Connor

  1. Deborah Merlin

    You nailed it Sam.. “Chasing Connor ” is my all time favourite now.. Its as if I could see myself in the scenario too.. It was too surreal.. And I’m waiting for the next part eagerly.. I’m so so so big Fan of yours..couldn’t hold it back and here I am out if words about your amazing work.. Its as if I dived into the storyline and could pretty much sense each things as it grew more interesting.. Can’t wait for another one of chasing Connor where I hope, readers would love to see the way Connor and Harley taking thier next step ahead… Thanks a lot Sam Ayers for an amazing read you gave us.. Specially, from the depth of my heart, it was mind blowing experience as I enjoyed it to the core..
    ❤ Debbie

    Liked by 1 person

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