Wattpad – The World of Stories!


All You Need are Words!

Words to create worlds that exist in your imagination.

Not everyone is a writer, just like not everyone can get struck by lightning and become Flash. But everyone has that potential to do something great.

And where can a writer unleash such potentials, you might ask.

Wattpad is the answer!

Wattpad is an online writing community. You can read stories, write them and vote for your favourites. Enter awards! Win them! Or even better, you can get honest reviews and critiques on your stories allowing you to develop that potential. To unleash the writer in you.

I’m a Wattpadder! I’ve been writing on Wattpad for more than 2 years and it has truly made me the writer I am today!

Let me tell you a story of how this began. I love reading and one day I came across this App called Wattpad and seeing all those stories made me want to join it. I was new and I was really lost. I didn’t realise that it was a community of readers and writers till I actually came across the website. Frankly, I was surprised! Who wouldn’t be? Wattpad has 80 million stories for you to read. For free!

Just as I was getting used to reading all those awesome stories, something made me want to write. And I did. Two years later, I feel that this was the best decision of my life. My novel, Her Charming Secret is going to hit half a million reads. And I have the best fans in the whole world. Fans and followers who have supported me since day one. And I know that if you can write too, you will be able to achieve all this!

Wattpad has not only made me a writer, it has also given me a reason to enjoy my writing!

So what are you waiting for? Join Wattpad now and get to read 80 million stories!


What’s it like to write on Wattpad?

 Watch this video!

You can connect with me on Wattpad. Here’s my page – http://www.wattpad.com/user/Whisperingwater

And if you wish to check out my novel, here’s that awesome link – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/496198

I’ll be back with more later! Till then, happy reading and see you on Wattpad! Cheers!

Header image credit – Wattpad